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About Pearl Optometry & Vision Care FAQs

Pearl Optometry has 3 locations, Dr. Greg Pearl opened the first in the Norwalk Costco in 1998, the second in the Lakewood Costco in 2010, and the third in the El Centro Costco in 2020.

We are a full service vision care provider offering advanced eye exams for your entire family from age 5 to 99.

Families come back to Pearl Optometry because they know our personal attention and professional care is second to none.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dr. Pearl and our team are dedicated to keeping our patients comfortable and well-informed at all times. At your appointment we will explain every exam and procedure and answer all of your questions.

Do I need to have a Costco membership? (Quick answer: NO)

You do not need to be a Costco member to see an eye doctor at Costco. Although Pearl Optometry is located inside Costco, it operates independently with its own team of optometrists. We accept all patients, regardless of Costco membership.

However, please note that you do need to be a member to purchase glasses or contacts at Costco Optical centers located inside Costco.

Do you provide vision exams for children?

Yes. Starting at age 5, bring your kids in for their annual childrens’ eye exam; they should be able to recognize their numbers or letters.

It is possible with early intervention like Myopia Control to slow the progression of their nearsightedness.

Do you offer same-day appointments?

We can usually schedule an appointment on the same day; however, in high-demand times such as the evening or weekends, you may have to wait up to a week.

Do you accept walk-ins?

Yes, we regularly take walk-ins and also see patient’s for emergency eye care..

We recommend if you have a day and time you would like to come in, give us a call and schedule an appointment. You can also schedule an appointment online.

I have an eye emergency, what shoud I do?

Call our office immediately, if it is after hours you should go to the nearest hosptial. Check our emergency eye care page for first aid tips and a list things not to do while you are waiting to be treated. 

Norwalk: (562) 929-4499

Lakewood: (562) 602-6100

El Centro: (760) 970-4443


How do I make an appointment?

You can call Pearl Optometry to make an appointment, or schedule an appointment online. We also take take walk-ins and handle emergency eye-care.

Phone: (562) 929-4499

Phone: (562) 602-6100

El Centro
Phone: (760) 970-4443

What types of specialty eye care do you offer?

Vision Correction Surgeries: We co-manage LASIK and cataract surgeries with renowned surgeons from NVISION, helping free you from glasses and contacts.

Eye Health Supplements: Our Vitreous Health supplements are formulated to reduce the appearance of annoying floaters.

Contact Lens Fitting: We provide a wide range of contacts, including spherical lenses, toric lenses for astigmatism, and bifocal options for precise fitting.

Myopia Control: Offering specialized contact lenses and medications designed to slow the progression of myopia in children.

Emergency Eye Care: Immediate treatment for foreign body removal, eye infections, and injuries.

What types of advanced diagnostic tools do you have?

Optos® Retinal Photography: Offers a wide-angle view of the retina for thorough evaluation without the need for pupil dilation.

Optos® OCT: Essential for diagnosing macular degeneration, cataracts, and glaucoma.

Do I need to have my eyes dilated?

Optos® Retinal Photography: Offers a wide-angle view of the retina for thorough evaluation without the need for pupil dilation.

What type of dry eye treatments do you offer?

Checkout our Dry Eye Advanced Therapy page for more information on the following:
OptiLIGHT by Lumenis: A revolutionary Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatment that reduces ocular inflammation associated with severe dry eyes and rosacea.

MiBoflo Therapy: A spa-like procedure that restores function to meibomian glands, improving dry eye symptoms without the use of expensive drugs.

Lacrimal Punctal Plugs: Designed to retain your natural tears longer, enhancing eye comfort.

Prescription Eye Drops

Do you sell eyeglasses / frames?

No, we do not sell glasses. We will give you a prescription for eye glassses that you can fill anywhere.

Next door to us, also located in Costco, is the Costco Optical center where you can purchase glasses or contacts. Please note that you do need to be a Costco member to use the Optical center.

Do you sell contact lenses?

Yes, We provide a wide range of contacts, including spherical, toric for astigmatism, and bifocal options for precise fitting.

Are you the same company as Pearle Vision? (Quick answer: NO)


Dr. Greg Pearl opened Pearl Optometry in the Norwalk Costco in 1998, in the Lakewood Costco in 2010 and in the El Centro Costco in 2020. 

We know that you have a choice when it comes to optometry, so we strive to provide comprehensive eye exams, a great selection of glasses, and personalized care.

Pearl Optometry is a full service eye and vision care provider, accepting both eye emergencies as well as scheduled appointments.

Patients throughout the Norwalk, Lakewood, and El Centro areas come to Pearl Optometry because they know they will receive the personal attention and professional care that is our foundation.


What is the difference between an optician, an optometrist, and an opthalmogist?

Ophthalmologist vs. Optometrist vs. Optician

  • Opticians are technicians who are trained to fit and adjust eyeglasses, frames, and contact lenses.  A job as an optician requires a year or two of training after graduating high school. Opticians cannot diagnose or treat eye diseases or write prescriptions. In California opticians must have a license registered with the California State Board of Optometry.
  • Optometrists perform eye exams and vision tests, prescribe and dispense corrective lenses, detect eye abnormalities, and some can prescribe medications for eye diseases. Optometrists examine, diagnose, and treat patients’ eyesT and provide pre- and post-op care for eye surgery. They are not medical doctors, they have a Doctor of Optometry (OD) degree after finishing three or more years of college and four years of optometry school.
  • Ophthalmologists are eye doctors who perform medical and surgical treatments for eye conditions.  Ophthalmologists can provide corrective vision services (eyeglasses or contacts), perform LASIK or photorefractive keratectomy (PRK) surgeries to correct vision problems. They can treat disorders – cataracts, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, macular degeneration, or strabismus (crossed eyes). Preparing to become an optometrist takes about four years of optometry school after a four-year college degree.

Insurance, Payments & Financing

We accept cash, credit cards, and bill directly to the listed insurance plans below. Staff will work with you to help you understand your vision insurance coverage and provide financial alternatives to ensure you get the best vision care possible.

Vision Insurances Accepted:

  • Vision Service Plan (VSP)
  • Davis Vision
  • Eye Med
  • Spectera
  • Superior Vision


Meet Your Doctors of Optometry (OD)

Our one-on-one approach to optometry makes the Dr. Pearl and the Pearl Optometry team the eye and vision care providers of choice for families in the Norwalk, Lakewood and El Centro areas.

Greg Pearl, OD & Founder

Greg Pearl, OD & Founder

Practices at Norwalk, El Centro & Lakewood offices, since 1998

    • Graduate of the Southern California College of Optometry (1983).
    • Practiced 15 years at the South Bay Eye Institute in Redondo Beach and Positive Eye Ons in West Hollywood
    • Opened Pearl Optometry in the Norwalk Costco in 1998, in the Lakewood Costco in 2010 and in the El Centro Costco in 2020.
    • Provided free eye exams on over 50 weeklong clinic trips to 6 Central American countries
    • Provided over 200 weekend clinics throughout California with US optometry students.
    • Received humanitarian awards from the International Association for the Prevention of Blindness, the American Academy of Optometry and the Volunteer Optometric Services to Humanity for his work establishing an optometry college in Nicaragua and two non-profit clinics there.
Jemini Patel, OD, FAAO

Jemini Patel, OD, FAAO

Practices at Norwalk & Lakewood office, since 2017

  • Graduate of University of California, Berkeley with a degree in Molecular and Cell Biology – Immunology and Infectious diseases.
  • Earned Optometry degree from the New England College of Optometry in Boston, Massachusetts.
  • Completed a primary care residency through the Veterans Affair Hospital and was subsequently hired by the VA.
  • Completed her fellowship with the American Academy of Optometry.
  • Passionate about teaching and imparting knowledge on to the next generation of optometrists.
  • Spent a year helping open an optometry school in Kampala, Uganda hoping to improve sustainable eye care in developing countries.
Stacie Cavillo, OD

Stacie Cavillo, OD

Practices at Lakewood office, since 2017

  • Doctor of Optometry degree from the Southern California College of Optometry.
  • Bachelor of Science degree from the University of California, Berkeley
  • Clinical experience in treating patients with moderate to severe dry eye, managing patients with diabetes, co-managing refractive and cataract surgery, and treatment of ocular diseases.
Kathleen Au, OD

Kathleen Au, OD

Practices at Norwalk office, since 2018

  • Graduated summa cum laude from Pacific University College of Optometry.
  • Participated in multiple overseas mission trips to El Salvador, Guyana, and Nicaragua where she helped serve the locals by providing glasses and eye care.
  • Completed a year of further training in a U.C. Berkeley residency program at the Fresno VA. Managing a wide variety of eye diseases including glaucoma, macular degeneration, and diabetic retinopathy.
Ernie Nghia, OD

Ernie Nghia, OD

Practices at Norwalk office, since 2019

  • DO graduate degree with clinical honors in primary care, ocular disease, and low vision services – Pennsylvania College of Optometry, Philadelphia. Nominated for the Joseph Toland Scholarship, awarded for clinical excellence.
  • Bachelor of Science degree in Psychobiology – UCLA.
  • Trained with an emphasis in ocular disease at the Katzen Eye Group in Baltimore, MD, the Eye Centers of South Florida in Miami, FL, and the Veteran Affairs Hospital in Philadelphia, PA.
  • Trained in Low Vision at the renowned William Feinbloom Low Vision Center, Philadelphia.
  • Trained in Primary Care at The Eye Institute, Philadelphia.
  • Extensive training in specialty contact lenses at the California Keratoconus Center in Los Angeles
  • Trained and licensed to use diagnostic and therapeutic pharmaceuticals for the treatment and management of ocular conditions. Certified to manage and treat glaucoma.
  • Member of the American Optometric Association (AOA) and Member of the California Optometric Association (COA)
  • Participated in Volunteer Optometric Services to Humanity (VOSH), delivering eye care to underserved countries.
Miguel Olmedo, OD

Miguel Olmedo, OD

Practices at Lakewood office, since 2022

  • Doctor of Optometry degree from Marshall B. Ketchum University.
  • Trainined at the VA in San Jose, at California Eye Specialists, and with the Indian Health Services in Oklahoma, where he focused on the diagnosis and treatment of various ocular pathologies.
  • Certified by the National Board of Examiners in Optometry and continues to gain experience and provide excellent healthcare in primary care optometry.
  • Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of California, Irvine.
Yamam Almouradi, OD

Yamam Almouradi, OD

Practices at Norwalk & Lakewood office, since 2023

  • Graduate of Ketchum University- Southern California College of Optometry.
  • Author of “The effect of contoured prism lenses on chronic headaches: a case study” published in 2019 in Women in Optometry, and in 2020 in Optometry Times.
  • Co-founder and director of Sight & Sketches, a Southern California grassroots optometric and humanitarian relief project aiding undeserved families domestically and abroad.


Pearl Optometry donates $12,000 annually to Optometry Giving Sight which supports new optometry colleges and non-profit clinics in developing countries. They transform lives around the globe by giving sight to those in need.

Optometry Giving SIght charitable orgnaization logo


You can deposit your eyeglasses at our Costco Norwalk, Lakewood or El Centro locations. Your kindness as an eyeglass donor offers the gift of sight to local people in need.

eye glasses and a 20-20 vision chart for eye testing

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