Optos retinal digital imageing machine at Optometrist office

Optos® Retinal Imaging

Proven to detect eye disease early and prevent vision loss, No dilation needed!

State-of-the-art digital technology, Optos® helps your eye doctor detect any eye disease such as glaucoma, diabetes, eye tumors and retinal detachments.

All without the inconvenience of traditional dilation eye drops which cause blurred vision, light sensitivity, and discomfort for 4-6 hours, which negatively affect your ability to drive or work.


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Benefits of Optos®


Early diagnosis of glaucoma, macular degeneration and many other ocular conditions. Enables your optometrist to protect your sight and to monitor eye changes overtime


Early diagnosis of  systemic health conditions – diabetes, high blood pressure, melanoma, and many more. Elite athletes use optomapping to evaluate their overall health and wellbeing.


Convenience: Optos® imaging doesn’t require pupil dilation (which can last 4 – 8 hours), making it convenient for patients to drive, go back to work/school, or resume normal activities immediately.


Unaffected Vision:  Patients don’t experience hours of blurred vision especially for reading and computer work, or light sensitivity associated with dilation


Studies show that psychologists can use retinal imaging to provide insight into the health of your brain, as the size of the blood vessels in your eyes may be linked with IQ and cognitive function.


NO dilation procedure means NO blurred vision!

Retinal imaging enables doctors to diagnose and determine detailed ocular health.

Quick, painless and easy:

Optos® retinal imaging can capture over 85% of the back of the eye in less than a second.

Interested in learning how this super fast retinal imaging technology works?

Watch this video from Optos PLC

Does imaging work as well as dilation in detecting issues?

To ensure their ocular health, patients are recommended to have a dilated eye exam or retinal imaging every one to two years. This procedure allows the doctor to identify any retinal issues that can permanently damage one’s vision. While both dilation and retinal imaging allow the doctor to access the ocular health, Optos® imaging often provides a deeper view, and the patient does not experience any side effects such as blurred vision.

Is Optos® cost covered by vision insurance?

Optos® imaging is an extra out-of-pocket cost of $20